Never lose another special memory again.

Cell phone GPS automatically records the highlights of your life while you’re on the go.

All you have to do to capture your favorite memories is live them.

In the blink of an eye moments pass us by before we're ever able to organize and journal them.

Do you remember the movie you nervously watched on your first date while you planned out a goodnight kiss? Or everything you did on your Smoky mountain vacation 10 years ago? Or, the number of your court side seat that was so close you could see drops of sweat on Michael Jordan's forehead as the Bulls defeated the Pistons?

Utomea captures and instantly organizes memories while you're enjoying them so you can live life in the moment.

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Preserve the digital trail of your life in real time.

Utomea fills in gaps while you’re on the go by automatically preserving memories when you don’t have the time to journal them.


Automatically capture moments on the fly.


Embellish your highlights by attaching additional photos, notes and audio recordings when you have more time.


Remove events that are not important to capture.

Reminisce, relive and share the journey of your life with family and friends. (Or quickly pull out the proof to settle bets!)

How Utomea Works

All You Need Is Your Phone

Your cell phone’s built in GPS location services track and record every event.

Set Parameters

Based on the parameters you set, an event will be automatically captured every time you stop at any location for a period of time.

Parameters also allow you to exclude common stops that you don’t want recorded.

Capture Memories

Pictures taken at those locations will automatically be attached to those event locations and you can edit when you choose.

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